Motorhome Parking in Gloucestershire.

The information is presented by local authority area.

Gloucestershire County Council; Parking Page. Charging information includes motorhomes in certain towns; Park & Ride Page. See details for each site as to where height barriers are in place.

Cheltenham Borough Council; Parking Page. Motorhomes can use North Place car park but council parking provision is under major change. When the Orders have been updated and the council is clear on parking arrangements it will then be in a position to publish the information online (Stated 12 September 2013). North Place car park has since been closed. An update from the Car Parks Senior Civil Enforcement Officer at the council was received on 21 December 2015 - "Please see the link below for the coach parking information and it would be the same for a motorhome parking as well I believe." The link supplied is to This Page. See county council for P&R.

Cotswold District Council; Car Parks Page. Includes Motorhome parking information.
Bourton on the Water; the Visitor Information Centre has indicated that there is overnight parking and daily motorhome parking available at the privately owned car park on Station Road. Advice is to check signage before parking.

Cotswold Water Park. No height restrictions at the Gateway Centre car park, Spine Road, South Cerney GL7 5TL. Height restrictions apply at the other car parks.

Fairford Town Council; Home Page. An enquiry was made about the car park at Mill Lane on 8 January 2016. The very prompt reply was "There is no daytime restriction, however, there is a weight restriction of 2240kgs. No cars should be parked in the car park between midnight and 6.00am."

Forest of Dean District Council; Parking Page; Off Street Parking Order. The order generally requires that vehicles must fit in the marked bays, which probably precludes parking of many motorhomes. If in doubt contact the council before parking.

Clearwell Caves, The Rocks, Clearwell, Coleford, Glos. GL16 8JR. The following response to an enquiry was received on 1 March 2016: "Clearwell Caves car and coach park is suitable for motorhomes to park, but is inclined and only level in a few places.".

Gloucester City Council; Parking Page includes information on motor home parking. Parking Services also advise customers which car parks are suitable for motorhomes (Stated 3 October 2013).

Gloucester Quays Designer Outlet, Gloucester. Information received 10 February 2014: We do not currently have specific information for motor home parking on our website, however I can inform you that our website will be updated in the near future. The height restriction for our car park is 2.10 metres.

South Gloucestershire Council; Parking Page. Car Parks Page see note on motorhome parking at the foot of the page.

Stroud District Council; Parking Page. The following information used to be able to be accessed by clicking on the "Where to Park" link but it was removed in error though will be reinstated - "Motorhomes can park in our car parks at London Road (surface car park 5.00pm to 8.00am) if their weight is below 3500kg and Cheapside car park (all hours, weight limit 32.5 tonnes) both in Stroud Town centre. No sleeping and other terms and conditions will apply, please check the terms and conditions on display at each car park or on this website for details.". The page was subsequently updated to say "No vehicles over 3.5 tonnes (apart from Cheapside), Park within marked bays" but the latter constraint probably restricts larger vehicles except in the two named places. Later again the information about individual car parks was removed.

Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire, GL13 9BQ. Response to an enquiry received 18 January 2016: "People visiting the Castle with motorhomes are welcome to use either the main visitor car park or alternatively use our coach park.".

Tewkesbury Borough Council; Parking Page. See note on motorhome parking at the foot of the Car Parks Page.

Sudeley Castle, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, GL54 5JD. Directions Page includes large vehicle parking information.

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