There are many people that dislike money because they find it is a stress to them. However, we believe that this does not need to be the case. We know that if you feel in control of your money, you can actually use it to your advantage rather than worrying about it getting out of control and being a source of stress. Hopefully, the information that we have on this website will be a useful start to helping with this. We have put together some articles which we hope most people will be able to relate to and find useful. These should be able to start to get people thinking about the sorts of things that they can do to get on top of their money. Information such how to repay debts or choose the right financial products and budgeting will be useful so that you can start to plan your financial behaviour better and make more informed decisions. It is not about scrimping and saving and going without nice things necessarily, but about how to plan your spending so that you can have nice things but without having to get into lots of debt or have lots of stress doing so.